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night vision image of ferral hog

Night Vision

SPI offers the latest generation of high technology, image intensified, night vision equipment. Affordable, military grade, light intensification scopes are now available to the general public. Choose your favorite night vision scope and hunt feral hogs after dark.

thermal image of ferral hog

Thermal Imaging

SPI offers the most advanced, high technology, thermal imaging equipment. Affordable, military grade, infrared scopes are now available to the general public. Choose your favorite thermal scope and hunt wild hogs day or night.

Our US Military forces are the finest in the world. A major key to our success is that we “own the night’. Thermal imaging and night vision technologies have given US forces a significant edge in all modern combat operations. Finally, advanced thermal and night vision weapon sighting systems are available for sale to US citizens to fight in the domestic Hog Invasion War. All of our systems can be used as hand held spotting scopes or weapon mounted rifle sights, day or night. SPI scopes let you experience the same precision accuracy, rugged durability, and razor sharp imagery as today’s warfighter.


Advanced Thermal Weapon System from Trijicon/FLIR 640x480 thermal sensor Clip on weapon sight Use in front of day scope



Check out the National Feral Swine Mapping System from the US Department of Agriculture/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for real-time locations of feral hog populations in the United States.